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Comptify Analytics provides the best-in-class survey for benchmarking your executives with top talents in the Asia-Pacific Region.


By joining this survey, you could obtain accurate market reference points for your executives to supplement the data deficiency at the most senior level. 

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Hong Kong, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Position Level

  • Organization Head

  • Function Head

  • Senior Manager

  • Middle Manager 

Job Function

1. Generic

  • Top Management

  • Administration

  • Customer Service

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Supply Chain

2. Industry

  • Business Development

  • E-Commerce

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Research & Testing

  • Sales

Employee Type & Package Type

1. Local

  • Local

  • Local Plus

2. Expatriate

  • Local

  • Local Plus

  • Full International

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Survey Item

1. Basic Salary

2. Fixed Cash Allowances

3. Short-term Incentives (Sales Incentives, Performance Bonus)

4. Long-term Incentives (Stock Grant, Stock Option & Deferred Cash)

5. Perquisites (Car, Housing & Children Education)

6. Pension

Job Size

  • CA Level

  • Conversion from External Job Sizes

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Survey Timeline

  • Survey Reference Date: July 1

  • Submission Deadline: August 7

  • Result Release: October

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Trial Package

Executive Rewards Survey


By-Position Benchmark Report

Compensation Dashboard


- Time-limited Offer -

Free of charge

Special Package

Executive Rewards Survey


Everything in Trial Package

Full Market Data Report

Survey Executive Summary

APAC Market Intelligence*


- Discounted Offer -

USD 2,500 first location

USD 800 each additional location

* Market Indicator includes:

1. GDP, Inflation and Unemployment Rate for Asia Pacific (Twice per year)

2. Pay Increase Actual & Forecast for Asia Pacific (Once per year)

3. Employee Turnover for Asia Pacific (Once per year)

4. Manpower Planning for Asia Pacific (Once per year)


For enquiry, please email to us via

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