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A Clutch Moment for HR Big Data
– How to Get it Started

Big data is a buzzword and overwhelmingly everywhere. Data nowadays is created, extracted, accumulated, processed, analysed, interpreted in greater velocity. Enormous volume of data produced from multiple sources in various formats is referred as big data, which enables a migration from exactitude to magnitude.


It brings uncaptured economic value and innovation from all obtainable data. It would potentially transform the way we understand and do business because it provides a new lens filter for people to identify comprehensible findings and trends in the commercial world without the hassles of zooming into a mass of messy details.

In the boardroom, less is more. Business has been flooded with static and dynamic data with attempt to measure everything measurable, or even non-measurable. It demands sophisticated techniques in handling the huge datasets in order to convert the neutral meaningless data into useful insights, followed by actionable items. This article unveils the current state of HR big data development and essential starter pack for HR practitioners.

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  • A Clutch Moment for HR Big Data - How to Get it Started

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