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“Best” Practice for Housing Benefit in Hong Kong

Under keen competition, recruiting and retaining top talents seems to be the key to success. Obviously, some employers know how to play the game, such as Google and Apple. Apart from the foreign companies, two of China’s internet trinity, Alibaba and Tencent, are following the trend by facilitating their employees to buy flats. Recently, HNA Group is bringing this practice into Hong Kong. The conglomerate purchased a site in a prime area, the former Kai Tak Airport, which aims to build and sell apartment at cost for its staff.

This special benefit is likely to be welcomed by the entire workforce, as it greatly uplifted the current employees’ benefit standard. In order to compete with the well-capitalized businesses, what companies can do to keep their most valuable asset? Reviewing staff welfare regularly, providing a high degree of flexibility on work and creating a friendly-working environment might be a possible way.

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