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Collaboration of AI Job Screening for IBM and Softbank

Softbank has made public the application of the Watson, AI system developed by IBM, for assisting job selection in 2018. If everything goes smooth, it will be a symbolic step for AI to go practically into the HR profession.

In fact, there are two components for the evolution of AI that we should be aware of – The brain itself (AI) and the experience (data). The best AI systems thus far are mostly created by tech giants and it is going to be universal, i.e. not attached to a certain field. It is because AI development involves not just one killer idea but rigorous research and cutting-edge technology.

For HR practitioners, it is a fair position to put our focus on the experience bit by collecting and owning the data and figuring out new models in applying them while stay closely connected to the AI world on its application, in the same way we use our smartphones in daily lives.

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