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2018 Quarter 1

Featured Article by Comptify Analytics

Compensation benchmarking is directed by the Rule of Substitution. It states that the suitable benchmark group shall be composed of the probable incumbents that could be hired for the current position and the probable positions that the current incumbent could leave for.

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The Science of Executive Benchmarking

 An Advanced Approach with Extended Precision

Market Practices

Unlimited Vacation

– The Beauty and Reality

In gig economy, work flexibility has increasingly become part and partial of employment instead of a mere marketing tagline for company’s reputation. It echoes with the comments from some pioneer companies who practically implemented unlimited vacation policy. One of the advocates is Kronos – It concluded that the flexible vacation arrangement had enhanced employee’s efficiency and boosted company’s performance as a whole.

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Corporate Governance

Regulatory Proposals for Independent Directors in HK

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) has proposed recommended new practice on cross-directorships of independent non-executive directors (INEDs). The consultation paper aims to improve the transparency of the nomination and election process of INEDs. The additional policy hones in on easing market concerns regarding over-boarding of INEDs.

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Technology & Innovation

The Dawn of Robo-Workers

Before AI could conquer the professional world, robots probably take a faster track to replace human arms and legs in manufacturing. The sportswear duo, Nike and Adidas, has made remarkable progress in automating their factories for their highly technical products – Footwear.
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Market Practices

Performance Appraisal: To Rate or Not to Rate?

General employees often dislike being “reduced to a score”, driving companies to move away from a rating-centric performance management to a rating-less system where managers are no longer required to hair-split their best performers and employees do not need to carry an over-simplified label of their contributions to the company.

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Market Practices

U.S. Tax Savings Lifting Wages

Along with the long-awaited corporate tax cuts, a dozen of corporations laid out concrete plans on worker wages, including Walmart, which has announced to increase their minimum wage to $11 an hour. However, these big-corp actions may only represent a fraction of the U.S. employment.

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