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2018 Quarter 2

Featured Article by Comptify Analytics

Job evaluation (“JE”) is a systematic process for deciding the relative value or size of jobs, including from organization within and alignment with the market. Similar to any asset valuation, JE takes the comparative method to weigh positions by a consistent methodology to figure out the relativity among them objectively. 

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Practicalities and Pitfalls 

 Job Evaluation Inside Out

Market Practices

Millennial's Style of Career Ladder

– Slash Career

Millennials are hungry for work-life balance and international experiences. In the midst of fast development of the internet economy, low-cost adventure moves, e.g. outbound mobility and slash career have become increasingly popular among the millennials. The latest report from Crown World Mobility indicates millennials have growing influence on the mobility trends. In the meantime, more and more companies have outsourced the manpower to multi-faceted talent outside the company, which brings flexibility to both parties.

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Technology & Innovation

Automation Sweeping

Across the World

The destruction of jobs by technology is imminent, faster than our imagination. Levi's is replacing its workers with lasers, automating the process of making blue jeans looked worn out. In the past, the process typically took 20 to 30 minutes per pair of jeans. With the aid of laser, it could be finished in just 90 seconds. It has revolutionized the industry and the change will be accelerating.

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Technology & Innovation

Blockchain to Unchain
the Forced Labor?

Coca-Cola has joint hands with the government to enforce workers’ rights by using blockchain technology. To tar all their workers with the same brush, blockchain is used to create a secured and decentralized registry for workers and their contracts, and hence workers identification can be guaranteed. However, the project is still green and raises some implementation questions including the workers’ ability to access their information via smartphone.
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Rules & Regulations

Discretionary Labor System,

Put an End to Overwork?

The recent expansion on the discretionary labour system has weathered a storm between the Japan’s government and lawmakers. The system allows employers to pay workers according to a predetermined number of hours instead of actual working hours. In short, workers would not be paid for overtime work. Japan has long grappled with the issue of death by overwork, the proposal is part of the remedy to tackle the situation. However, some critics have claimed the expansion may exacerbate the overwork issue instead.

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Market Practices

Gender Pay Gap from

Translucent to Transparent

The pay imbalance between two genders has put a spotlight on Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. pays women in the U.K. an average of 56 percent less than male colleagues, which is far above the national average pay gap (18 percent), according to the Office for National Statistics. The firm pledges to have women make up half its workforce in the future as currently 90% of the firm’s partners are men. There is still a long way to narrow down the gender disparity, however the increasing transparency would represent an improvement in the gender pay gap.

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