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2018 Quarter 3

Featured Article by Comptify Analytics x Cryptostandard

In the HR field, blockchain is a big buzzword these days and with good reason. Last year, there were 435 ICO-financed blockchain projects, with 21 cases directly associated with the field of HR. For a fuller perspective of these blockchain projects, our Team initiated conversations with their senior managers. This report featured key insights and findings from our exclusive interviews with them.

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Blockchain Is Faintly Changing the
HR Landscape 
 Here Is How

Market Practices

Job Redesign Framework to Help Retailers Go Digital

Traditional retailers have been going through a rough patch under the emerging of the digital economy and e-commerce, and now can get some help from the Government.


The Retail Job Redesign Framework is a program launched by the Singapore Government to help retailers transform from “Brick-and-Mortar” to online stores by redesigning their operations and business models. While catching up with the new technologies, businesses must be able to quickly redesign jobs to support shifts in business strategies, and help workers adapt to the ever-changing workplace.

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Rules & Regulations

100 Hours Overtime Limit to Fight "Karoshi"

The National Diet of Japan passed a new work-hours law on Friday that limits overtime work to less than 100 hours a week and fewer than 720 hours a year in response to the mounting concern on “karoshi”, or death from overwork.

Long working hours are often more of a custom than business necessity, and Japan is not alone in facing this problem in East Asia. Many countries are long grappled for changes and maybe is time for us to rethink the relationship between long working hours and productivity.

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Technology & Innovation

Rules & Regulations

Same-sex Spousal Visa

– Global Talent Hunt

The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal ruled to grant dependant visas to spouses of gay expatriate workers who have registered their same-sex marriage in foreign countries. The decision has no bearing on the status of local same-sex couples, however, it does significantly change the game in Asia, especially in the global talent hunt.


This ruling not just strengthens the Hong Kong’s ability to attract global talent, but also keeps the competitive edge over its rivals.


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The Power of People in Digital Revolution

HSBC’s newly published report, Human Advantage: The Power of People, predicts six roles of future that are unknown to us today, but reveals that three transferable skills will continue to differentiate humans from machines in the workforce, namely the ‘Three Cs’: Curiosity, Creativity and Communication.


Although those six future roles are predicted for the banking sector, they are equally important in other businesses as similar trends are arising worldwide.



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Market Practices

Evolving HR Professionals in the New Economy

The gig economy is a trend towards hiring freelancer and contractors instead of full-time employees. Growing number of talents demand for larger flexibility in work and shift to the gig economy model, HR practitioners should get prepared to embrace a more dynamic workplace in future while playing an important role at the forefront.

Starting from incorporating gig workers into organizations, figuring out which roles can go to the gig route, and eventually to the background checking, HR professionals have to pave their way for the mixed workforce.

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