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For Hong Kong Listed Companies


The Board is the command post of any company which is of paramount importance for business success. Compensating its members fairly and competitively is bare basic however is never a simple task.

This publication is designed to provide wide-ranging views and in-depth analyses for current market trends and practices for directors' remuneration.



Hong Kong


  • More than 500 companies listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • Classified by Market Cap and Revenue (Mega, Large, Medium)


  • Automobiles

  • Banks, Insurance and Financials

  • Basic Materials

  • Conglomerates

  • Construction

  • Consumer Goods & Services

  • Energy

  • Entertainment & Restaurants 

  • Food & Beverages

  • Healthcare

  • Industrials

  • Properties

  • Technology & Semiconductors

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

Anchor 1



  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Executive Director (1st)

  • Executive Director (2nd)

  • Executive Director (3rd)


  • Non-Executive Director

  • Independent Non-Executive Director

Data Item


  • Director Fees

  • Guaranteed Cash

  • Discretionary Bonus

  • Share-based Payment

  • Pension

  Corporate Governance

  • Board Composition

  • Board Compensation


  • Revenue

  • Profit

  • Market Cap

  • Total Asset

  • Total Equity

  • Employee Size

  • Etc.

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Market Analysis

(Large Cap Only)

  Remuneration Landscape

  • Total board remuneration as % of company's revenue/profit

  • Remuneration ratio of fixed cash vs. variable components

  • Pay premium/differentials by top performing industries, by market capitalization

  Guaranteed Cash

  • Fixed cash value (including director fees, basic salary, allowances), and as % of total remuneration

  • Increment % for Executive Director, Non-Executive Director and INED

  Performance/Discretionary Bonus

  • Award size and as % of total remuneration

  • Bonus increment % for Executive Director

  • Bonus as % of company revenue/profits

  • Detailed analytics for top performing companies/industries vs. average

  Long-term Incentives

  • Common variable components by industry

  • Award size, and as % of total remuneration

  • Detailed analytics for top performing companies/industries vs. average


  • Pension value, and as % of total remuneration

Report Fee

USD 3,000


Release Date: First Half of November​

Release Format: PDF

* Actual scope and content will be based on final report.

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