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Gender Equality – Bridging the Pay Gap

Research has shown that more and more females have received tertiary education and participate in the workforce. Although female’s participation rate increases, gender diversity and pay gap problem are not eased. Simply in Hong Kong, the gender pay difference has been widened from 19.1% to 22.2% in a decade. Meanwhile, several incidents happened and great raised public’s awareness on workplace gender equality. After BBC was forced to reveal the pay of its journalists and presenters, it is discovered that the broadcaster’s top-ranking man received more than four times the amount of its highest-paid woman. Furthermore, the memo written by the former engineer of Google blasting its “politically correct monoculture” indicates the low degree of gender diversity in tech companies.

Removing gender stereotype is definitely a long journey. However, employers have no place to hide from upholding gender equality in the firm, narrowing the wage gap and enhancing gender diversity in the office.

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