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More Actions Expected to Reform Extreme Work Style in Japan

A nationwide list of 334 companies that have violated labour laws was released in May 2017 by the Japanese government, hoping this name-and-shame tactic would help eliminate abuses and prevent "karoshi," or “death by overwork”. The list will be updated monthly. Companies must take corrective measures to have their names removed from the website.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are pushing his “Action Plan for the Realization of Work Style Reform”. Two of the most noteworthy elements of the Action Plan, which are (i) the introduction of the Overtime Work Regulation with Punishment and (ii) equal pay for equal work. Businesses should pay close attention to legal reform developments related to the Action Plan.

Article Link(s):

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  • ‘Death by Overwork’ in Japan Exposes Dangers of Overtime Culture
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