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We are Comptify.
Innovating at our best.

Being an independent management and rewards consulting firm, Comptify renders a wide range of services and insights for Asia Pacific, aiming at advancing and re-shaping the professional space through HRTech

– Light automation, AI and advanced data analytics

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Whenever you have a problem, we solve it, with high-level of professionalism, knowledge and attitude.  Come talk to us on the things on your desk!

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Transforming from raw data, information, to analytics, each step requires degree of rigorousness.  We did it and you enjoy it from Comptify



Comptify conducts skill and knowledge-based HR-related seminars and workshops to up-skill you and your team for greater good



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Our on-going efforts to innovate and revolutionize for industry good 

X = Unkonwn     X = Connectivity     X = Not for Profit

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