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Excel Analytics and Visualization Skills for HR Professionals (One Day)


Excel is no doubt one of the most powerful yet flexible tools for data analytics and visualization in business. Especially for today, massive amount of data is flowing from a variety of sources internally and externally. The sophistication in skills to manage the green grids would determine the functional capacity to deal with the bigger data and the voice of HR on the meeting tables. Moreover, it helps you to complete your work faster with better accuracy too.


April 16, Tuesday


June 27, Thursday

Hong Kong

July 11, Thursday


By attending the workshop, you shall be able to better design your HR dashboard, manage growing data systematically and apply useful data visualisation techniques in communication with management or co-workers.​ You will also understand how to apply an automation mini-program to reduce your time and effort in manual data processing.


In this course, you will learn about the practical Excel skills through some real-life scenarios in the HR domain (course content is subject to adjustments without prior notice):

Techniques for Better HR Metrics and Analytics​

  • Understand common HR metrics for analysis of headcount, turnover, pay benchmarking and demographics for HR organization planning

  • Work with common Excel formulas in numeric and text processing in HR data analysis

  • Utilize dynamic naming techniques in Excel formulas and its application in HR data analysis

  • Design data tables to manage dynamic addition of rows and columns

  • Understand and apply Excel pivot-tables in data analysis

  • Identify and learn to standardize data analysis process

  • Demo of a Macro-enabled automation tool, to automate the reconciliation of data from multiple workbooks: e.g. payroll or performance details from various markets or divisions


Techniques for Better Data Visualisation​

  • Design your own HR Dashboard on useful metrics

  • Understand different types of Excel charts, and charts selection for data visualization

  • Understand and apply a three-step model in data visualization

  • Build advanced Excel charts: e.g. overlay multiple charts and dynamic data labels

  • Build dynamic chart slicers for viewing and comparing different data combinations with a simple click

Four Case Work to Enhance Learning Experience​

  • Create and manage HR Headcount Metrics

  • Create and manage HR Demographics Metrics

  • Create and manage Employee Turnover Metrics

  • Create and manage Employee Salary Cost Metrics and Market Benchmarking

Language: English


USD 1,000 for first attendee

USD 850 for second attendee


Bandrick Pang is a seasoned HR/C&B consultant and a Managing Consultant for Comptify. He oversees key activities for consulting projects, information services and business development. He has a wide range of expertise in designing job grading and salary structure, sales commission/ incentive plan, pay increase model, performance bonus system, executive remuneration design, retention practices in Asia spanning across industries, such as luxury retail, lifestyle retail, consumer, chemical, technology, engineering and manufacturing.


He has academic background of business administration focusing on information system management and data mining. He is also a certified Excel expert accredited by Microsoft.

"This is a very good course. I think the most important thing is that it provided a lot of HR case work which helped me to really familiarize with the new skills"

A regional C&B Manager from a FMCG company 

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